Our best practices for successful in-person
and online hackathons

How to run an online hackathon

How to Run an Online Hackathon


Plan your first online hackathon with our soup-to-nuts guide. Learn why virtual hackathons can give you an advantage over an in-person event, and then jump into the planning process.

What you'll learn
  • Picking the right audience
  • Setting prizes
  • Creating a promotion strategy
  • And everything else you’ll need to make your event a resounding success!
Boot start your developer community

Bootstrap Your Developer Community


Some of the most profitable technology companies owe their success to third-party software developers. Explore developer-driven business models and learn how you can monetize your technology.

What you'll learn
  • Goal setting
  • Developer portals
  • How and where to engage with developers
What drives hackathon registrations and submissions

What Drives Hackathon Registrations and Submissions?


Every hackathon has a funnel. You have to attract attendees and keep them engaged through the deadline.

What you'll learn
  • How to drive registrations
  • How to turn registrations into submissions
  • Design choices to improve submission numbers
Best practices for in person hackathon managers

Best Practices for In-Person Hackathon Managers


Great hackathons foster lasting relationships with new developers and create excitement about your tech. But a misstep can just as quickly brand you “developer hostile.”

What you'll learn
  • Tips on timing
  • Physical event set up
  • Tech, demos, and more
Whats the human cost of running an online hackathon

What’s the Cost of Running an Online Hackathon?


Beyond the obvious cost of prizes, successful hackathons require dedicated planning and support. We like to think of it in terms of total effort, rather than dollars.

What you'll learn
  • Human resources and workload to run a hackathon
  • What to keep in house
  • What can be done by a partner

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