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Growing your developer community & app ecosystem

Devpost is the best platform for managing and participating in hackathons.

In-Person Hackathons

Duration: 1–3 days
Participants: Hackers who can make it to the event
Submission Types: Prototypes
Devpost Platform: Free
Devpost Promotion: Newsletters
Devpost Support: Free training, supported by online help and live support chat on weekends.

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Online Hackathons

Duration: Typically 2–4 months
Participants: Hackers all over the world
Submission Types: Polished applications
Devpost Platform: $1,500 per month
Devpost Promotion: Multiple newsletters, featured website listing, blog, social media
Devpost Support: Human project manager, optional planning, administration, and promotion services

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Project galleries & metrics dashboards

Showcase & monitor your developer community.